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On each Full Moon in Summer 2021, a set of four new original artworks will be released here.
Each release will include four unique 6" x 6" artworks, inspired by the healing and comforting qualities
Turner finds within the lush natural world in Summer's warm embrace.

All of these artworks will be available online for purchase.
For purchasing inquiries, please visit the "contact" section of this website to contact

Courtney Turner directly.


The Forest

Out of all the natural worlds on this planet, the forest feels like my safest and happiest place to be. 


Without words, I converse with the trees. I look to their roots and up to their grandeur above me and am reminded of my place. The moss that carpets the forest floor softens my steps and mood. Whimsical creatures hide all around and I feel like a child again. Here I can always find solace. 



The Rocky Shore

If you have ever found yourself along the shores of the Bay of Fundy here in Mi’kma’ki/Nova Scotia, you may understand the inexplicable and undeniable connection we form with the tides of the rolling sea. The motley of shores found here gift us with an abundance of healing, symbolism, inspiration and lessons to be learned, shared and pondered. From the Bay’s powerful tides and her synchronized dance with the moon, to the smallest of creatures hidden within the darkness of a rock and a hard place. Part 2 of my Summer series holds true to my connection to these mystical waters and the healing comfort it brings to me with every rise and fall of the tides.

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